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Urs Joos

Managing Director

Since 1988 I have been working in the supply industry for the construction industry. My special interest has always been to introduce innovative products to markets worldwide.

13 years active as export and marketing manager at the company Mungo Befestigungstechnik GmbH. During this time, I was also responsible for building up and establishing the company Mungo in Russia.

3 further years I worked for Studer Cable Switzerland as responsible for safety cables and cable support systems. I was also responsible for the two subsidiaries in Germany and Singapore/Malaysia.

In 2004 we founded the company Chemfix Gmbh, which is continued as JConS since 2020.

My projects in this time among others were:

  • Development of a worldwide distribution network for Chemfix Products Ltd England
  • Distribution for the company Lanz Switzerland for high-quality cable support systems in the Czech Republic
  • Establishment of a strong partner in Russia for the company MKT
  • Apolo/Celo pipe clamps in Austria
  • Development of a distribution network of Quikset Pro in Western Europe and Oceania in cooperation with Privlab Poland
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